are you ready to do something different?

To get something you've never had, you must do something you've never done.

Let's get started.

There are now four easy ways we can work together on your transformation. 

Choose one of the following "RUN-themed" options to get started on your next big thing. Don't worry, no actual running involved.


Unsure on your next move? Feeling stuck?
Want to explore possibilities with someone who won't tell you that you're crazy?

Get Rachel 1:1:
Book a 60 minute strategy session, where you'll fill me in on what you're working on/working towards. I lead each of my strategy sessions with deep listening and radical acceptance. There are no stupid questions, no goals too large or small. I'm here to help you uncover what it is you're seeking, and we can go from there. I can't wait to meet you.

XO, Rachel

Who its for: Seekers, professionals, and entrepreneurs will gain the most value from strategy sessions. Currently working with: Career Changers, Executives, Small Business Owners, Brand Managers, Influencers and bloggers.


Need someone to hold you accountable for your goals?
Wish you had someone in your back pocket to help you draft emails to recruiters, update your LinkedIn, or make decisions on the fly?

Get Rachel & Co. in your back pocket:
Hire us to coach you through promotion season, career change, re-entry into the workforce, or launching your new business. This is a lightweight, yet "always on" monthly program. It includes a kick-off meeting to understand your goals and unlimited email and texting. This is the most popular choice for busy clients who have a 3-6 month goal to complete. We've held clients accountable to: finding a new job, leaving their 9-5, staying committed to work/life balance, launching an online course or store, and more. Additional weekly meetings with your coach can be added-on as needed.

Who its for: Busy people who hate meetings! Currently working with: Career Changers, Small Business Owners.

*Limited Availability. 


Prefer exercise classes to a personal trainer?
Enjoy motivating others while getting support for yourself?

Get Rachel as your team leader + community support for peers and expert coaches:
Stay focused and motivated by joining a supportive group of women with one thing on their mind— SUCCESS! In this group coaching package, you'll gain access to a private FB community with live video content from Rachel (and guest experts) each week. Enjoy weekly prompts designed to stretch your passion and grow your comfort zone along with your new-best girl gang. 

Who its for: Women needing a pep-talk and some sisterhood. Open to career changers, women considering workforce re-entry, and stay-at-home moms with a dream.

elite 1:1

Kind of a big deal?
Only in town for a day? 

Get Rachel for an entire day or special event:
Your VIP, one-to-one coaching and consulting option. For executives, business owners, and serious career changers who want major transformation. Full day retreats and monthly options available. By application only. Email to express interest.

Who its for: Executives, soon-to-be execs, small to medium business owners, radical life and career overhaulers.

*Limited Availability