let's get you un-stuck

CATCHFOOT + RUN began simply: teaching startups to maximize their social footprints through digital brand consulting. After about a year of working with brilliant clients, I found there were roadblocks between their goals and true success, and those blocks had nothing to do with business. Today, my practice has expanded to fill the space between my clients' business and personal needs. 


brand CONSULTING [Rachel + CO]

Your brand is whatever other people say it is. Does that scare you? It should.

We've worked at the intersection of tech and entertainment for 10+ years. We've seen how quickly consumer trends are changing and how many brands are getting left behind. We've helped fortune 500 companies, YouTube stars, small business owners, and people just like you share their stories, grow their business, and develop zealous communities.

Whether you need a complete brand overhaul or you're just getting started, you can't afford a single day of brand ambiguity. Learn how to talk about what you're doing and how to make everyone care.

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success COACHING [Rachel]

The secret to success in life is to keep doubling down on what you're good at. My superpower is seeing the best in people and connecting strengths to practical applications and opportunity.

I work best with people experiencing major life changes. If you're making a career change, transitioning into new motherhood, or just need to re-energize after a personal or professional slump, let's grab a coffee (or a beer!) and chat.

I typically work with clients for a minimum of 3 sessions but am currently at capacity. I've opened up a la carte 90 minute strategy sessions* to help you tackle an immediate need or simply get started.

*Strategy session clients will be notified first of openings for longer term engagements.

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