"CATCHFOOT + RUN made a huge difference in the brand and story for our retail store, Dos Damas. After only one meeting, we had a complete social media strategy and easy action steps to gain engagement. We followed the plan and have already increased our followers on Instagram by 180% in less than one week! We would not be experiencing such growth if it wasn't for Rachel and CATCHFOOT + RUN." — Julie, small business owner

"I had no idea what I was missing before our meeting, and now I look back (at my social media profiles) and cringe! Thank you so much for helping me shape the best version of me...I'm getting a lot more traction on LinkedIn all of the sudden." — Stephanie L., tech professional

"Rachel, thank you so so so much! After you gave me the go ahead, I submitted an application (to my dream opportunity) and now I'm meeting with them tomorrow!

Thank you for all your support. You are so awesome and I'll definitely make you proud!" — Nancy, business professional


"My entire team was very impressed with Rachel's vast knowledge around YouTube and the social web. She has such a warm and knowledgeable speaking style; she's confident, thoughtful and approachable. Such a strong presence and I learned a lot from her. I am grateful we got her as our speaker for the day." — Jenny, Digital Sales & Marketing Executive

"Thank you for up-leveling our conversation around YouTube and brand building. Your opening presentation was pure magic and our clients, including the jaded SVP were 100% focused on your message." — Aaron, Account Executive