strateGy session with rachel


I'm so glad you're here. It means you're allowing yourself to explore the "what if" in the room.

What would happen if you applied to that job or left the one you're currently in? What would happen if you finally launched your Etsy site or pitched your start-up idea to an investor? What would happen if you decided to go back to school? To move across the country? To join that dating site after all?

You're excited, you're scared.  Maybe a part of you feels guilty just thinking about doing something BOLD for yourself. Funny how we often feel like we must ask permission for what we truly need. How dare we want more than this glorious life we've already been given? 

When I decided to leave my job at Google I was embarrassed to tell people. I knew everyone would be thinking how ungrateful I was. Did I know where i was? this wasn't enough?

No, it wasn't enough.

I was good at my job, well-respected, and was surrounded by all stars. There was free, organic food everyday, and I was afforded travel around the world to exotic destinations like Tokyo and Mumbai. By many accounts, this was a dream job. And it was, even for me.

But then I changed. People change over time (!!) and one day I simply woke up and had a different dream for my life. I needed more freedom to work when and where I wanted, and I really wanted to double-down on what I was best at— helping other creative people fulfill their dreams. 

My superpower is seeing the best in people and connecting those qualities to real-world opportunities. 

Whether you’ve decided you want to leap up the corporate ladder, quit your day job, or you're ready to double down on your personal empire, by being here you recognize the gravity of your next step— and you really don’t want to mess it up

I work with people just like you to maximize the outcomes of bold moves and times of change.

Over the years I've helped people:

  • Make career changes (and quit jobs they hate!)
  • Ask their boss for more money and land promotions
  • Differentiate their business from competitors'
  • Get interviews with their dream company
  • Re-energize after a personal or professional slump

what does a strategy session look like?

Initial meetings are typically 90 minutes and are used to determine if we're a good fit for a longer term relationship. Depending on your needs, I may recommend weekly sessions over 3 or 6 months to really change your life in a meaningful way. Some clients prefer booking a la carte Strategy Sessions (90 mins at a time) as needed, which is fine too. In fact, sometimes we find in our first meeting you only need a few tactics to get on your way and we can cut to the good stuff with fewer meetings. Point is, everyone I work with starts here.

In our first meeting:

i. Client Evaluation 
Why are we here? What are your goals?
Around goal setting, I use the GROW method to get crystal clear on what you want to accomplish. 

ii. Ideal Self Activity
I work backwards from the LIFE you want (not the job or relationship) that's motivating you to change. This activity is designed to help you uncover the direction and details that matter most to you, long-term. 

iii. Skills Assessment (if applicable)
What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What's realistic?
Here, we may apply the PIVOT method to make sure your next move is a comfortable one. Pivot vs leap!

iv. Brand Assessment
How do you show up in person at work, socially, and online?
This is the most fun part for me. Here we'll uncover some low-hanging fruit you can work on improving right away.

Each 90 mins comes with a follow-up email including your mission (so you don't forget!) and next steps including your brand checklist.


Rachel is a force. I’ve officially found a new guru. Her advice was actionable and not intimidating or overwhelming. I found her to be truly inspirational and I’m looking forward to getting on her calendar for another priceless sesh!
— Susan J., Career Changer
Energized. Motivated. Inspired. Just a few words to describe how I left my very first meeting with Rachel. There was an ease to our conversation, and the advice and actionable suggestions resonated with me in a way that I haven’t found in any other situation. (And I’m the type of person who seriously dislikes asking for or ever admitting I might need help.) From a naysayer to an evangelist, I feel compelled to spread the word.
— Ray C., Entrepreneur and aspiring politician