catchfoot + run?


The name CATCHFOOT + RUN reflects my philosophy on getting what you want in life and shapes how I work with my clients today. In a nutshell, I believe:

When you know you want something, don't be fickle. Take action immediately. Grab it, catch it, and run like hell.

In my business, I’m naturally called to working with those who’ve recently:

  • realized their calling or found the missing piece in their careers

  • have had a brilliant idea or epiphany in their business or personal life

  • hit a wall energetically, creatively, or emotionally and feels totally stuck

Each of these scenarios lend themselves to the CATCHFOOT + RUN philosophy (which is basically a sophisticated way of saying, “you got this”). My role is to help uncover my clients’ true motivations, long term desires, and strategize the next step.

Now, for those of you who’ve been following me for awhile… you know the name is a double entendre. If you have a couple mins, read on and I’ll indulge you in a wee bit of getting to know me better…


CATCHFOOT has been a long time moniker of mine— since the very first days of Twitter when I lost out on nabbing my last name (Lightfoot) and had to come up with a variant. If you’re in for a little story, here’s the scoop on where catchfoot really came from…

When I was 23 years old, I met my husband. After a slew of Mr. Wrongs, something felt very different about Mike Melby. He pursued me relentlessly, like a sweet puppy dog— something I was definitely not used to. However, at this point in my life, I was diving deep into my career and had closed myself off from the wiles of men. And yet, Mike was patient.

Much to my surprise, and with zero encouragement from yours truly, he waited for me to find space in my life and heart to get to know him.

Once I gave him that space, I fell for him. Not in the madly, wild head over heels way I found myself (flat on my face) before, but sanely and deeply. Deliberately, I chose him. I was so sure of myself and of him being my person in life that after just a couple months of officially dating, I knew he was it and did something decidedly crazy.

Unbeknownst to him, I got a tattoo of a fishhook to symbolize having been caught. Not in a damsel in distress sort of way (hell no!)— I was caught off guard by him coming into my life at that time and knew without a doubt my life trajectory had just been snagged into another direction. But more importantly, I was putting a stake in my mind that this was it. There was no going back. Mike was who I was waiting for... and maybe he did catch me in a way... right in the gills, like a fish. The story of why I got the tattoo remained my secret (even from Mike— couldn’t give him a big head!), until we became engaged to wed a few years later.


Before my wedding, I wanted to take-up running as an inexpensive way to get into shape. I'd always struggled with my weight and was sick of yo-yo dieting and fad workouts that I could never stick to for more than a week. To me, running seemed like the perfect solution— it was simple, natural, and more like an elite lifestyle than a workout. The only problem was I was not a runner. In fact I loathed running. I was the girl in high school who would often feign illness during the "timed mile" run.

Over the years though, I became envious of the happy looking people I'd see jogging around the lake near my house. I'd roll my eyes while secretly coveting their bouncing ponytails and sweaty smiles. Finally I said, enough! The only difference between those happy, sweaty people and me is that they are actively running and I am not! So, that day I laced up my shoes and started running. Well, jogging. Trotting? I ran 3.1 miles (a 5k!) the first time I set out to "run" and couldn't believe it. I realized I had been physically capable of doing what I wanted to do all along; I simply hadn't taken the leap to do it.

From then on, running has become an essential and beautiful part of my life. Running is my cure for a bad day and my reward for a good one. Its where I derive inspiration for my work, how I generate unique ideas, and how I clear my mind to remain present for my family.

While it's still hard for me to call myself "a runner" I know that I will never stop running. I took that plunge once and I won't start from scratch again. Much like my business and life philosophy, once you gain momentum… keep it up. I mean, we got this far… who wants to start from scratch?




So there it is. The phenomenon of being caught by an idea, a person, or a new way of thinking can be intoxicating. Do the thing you think you can't. You may surprise yourself and find the encouragement you need to really change your life. I'm here to help you go, go, go.