brand building and wine


Join us for a relaxing afternoon workshop by The Bay.

This experience was designed for women going through a time of change. The calming effects of wine will let your preconceived notions and narratives about yourself drift away while we get busy writing new ones. As compared to our + COFFEE workshop, this one is a bit less tactical and a lot more soulful.

In this four-hour session you'll:

  • Enjoy a guided visualization exercise which will help you achieve clarity around your strengths and how to use them to achieve what you want most in life.
  • Write your personal brand statement aka your elevator or cocktail pitch that will make building your stellar reputation a breeze.
  • Dip your toes into current social media best practices and learn sustainable ways to post interesting content every day.
  • Be surrounded by a network of like-minded women who will undoubtably become friends and allies throughout your journey.


* Brand Building + Wine workshops are restricted to 21+