Should I hire a brand consultant?

If you’ve ever wondered why to hire a brand consultant or a career coach who specializes in personal branding, this post is for you!


As I type this, I’m still high from my whirlwind trip to Minneapolis (which is way cooler than you think it is, by the way), where I got to hang with fellow brand builders and actually got certified in Primal Branding. Hubba what?


Let me take a step back.


About five years ago, I was searching for an answer to what the most successful YouTubers had in common (cause that was actually my job). After reading a lot of blog posts and a couple of books on the topic of branding, I found an answer that felt true to me— a concept called primal branding. You see, at its core, branding is primordial— like blinking, or...floride. It’s always been around, but no one is paying attention to it.


From author, Patrick Hanlon:


Brands are belief systems. Once you create a belief system, you attract others who share your beliefs, online and on the ground. We are connected not only by digital technologies but by the emotional touch-points that bring us together as human beings. 


This is actually what my Certificate says on it, right after it calls me a Badass. See Photo




A lot of folks hear “branding” and they think logos and font choices. While those are facets of a brand, they alone do not make one. The way I now explain brand-building to people is this:


Everyone wants to belong.


Companies who tap into this need for human connection will win the brand game. Soul Cycle. The Warriors. The Wing. Game of Thrones. Apple. Lululemon. 


If you can understand and appreciate that people buy LuLulemon for reasons beyond they’re great yoga pants, you can begin to understand where the power of belonging comes in, and you’re on your way to understanding how true brand building works, at a primal level.



So, back to why people hire a brand consultant/career coach hybrid…


Branding isn’t just for businesses, it’s for people, too.


You are your brand. 

There are ways to stand-out, get people to like you, share your gifts with the world, and actually enjoy yourself more, and they’re SHOCKINGLY similar to the principles being deployed by successful businesses.


So, friends, business owners, career changers, and status quo challengers…


If you want to go down in history as the best-fitting, most stylish, premium pair of yoga pants, please, shoot me an email. I’ll teach you what I’ve been teaching big brands, influencers, and people just like you for years now: that your brand is what other people say it is. Let’s make sure they’ve got your story straight.


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