I quit my job at Google

Thank you SO MUCH for opting into my journey and for poking around the blog, It means the world to have you following along and I want to honor your time by sharing only the most helpful musings and vulnerable stories with you. Some of the blog posts will wind up in your inbox and vice versa. Please tell me in the comments below what you want to see more of in this space.


This journey begins with my career transition (leaving my 9-5 and adjusting to life outside Google) but will eventually become more client and community focused and driven.

WEEK ONE: I Think I Need Some Rules

The day I decided to finally quit my corporate job, I read a quote that resonated with me:

Don't be surprised how quickly the Universe moves with you once you decide. 

Of course. I'd seen this time and time again in my life. With relationships, moving decisions, whether to sell our house, if we should go on vacation... every decision was sooo hard and dragged on infinitely until I just said— F*CK IT, I'M ALL IN. After that, things were easy.

So, right then and there, in the waiting area of my hair salon, I committed to commit. I'd spent long enough hemming and hawing, weighing the pros and cons, and ultimately knew I had to fully opt out of my cushy job in order to free my schedule and mind for what was next. And wouldn't you know it...mere minutes later, the Universe came knocking... 

It seemed that instantaneously my aura had shifted and let others know I was in receiving mode. My phone began to ring, emails came rolling in... Rachel, I know you're busy and have your dream job at the moment, but I've been thinking... 

Excited (and dumbfounded) by opportunities coming my way, I knew I would have to quickly establish a few non negotiables for myself.  What was really important to me? What did I need to hold sacred at all costs? I had to remain in the driver's seat of this journey.

After some time and space away from friends, family, and colleagues, I went to my favorite brewery (Fieldwork) and wrote down the following:

In my next chapter...

  1. I will use my talent and expertise to help women 
  2. I will work towards opening a physical space to contain and nurture a community
  3. I will be in the #EastBayEveryday (or most days!) 
  4. I will slow down— spending and enjoying more time with my family

How this unfolds is entirely up to me. This journey will be full of twists and turns, highs and lows— but as stated above, the fact that you're here with me is everything. If nothing else, I can help my female readership live vicariously through a new adventure, taking on all of the risk and sharing all of the merriment and learnings along the way.



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