I found my wedding dress in the back of my closet... and put it on.

INSTA MUSINGS (originally posted on Instagram Jan 14, 2017)

The girl on the left thought she had it all that day. 

Cleaning out the kids' closet this morning and found my wedding dress. Still uncleaned; full of leaves and wine stains. I remember stuffing it back there afraid that it would be a constant reminder of how having kids had changed me.

Many times I'd caught a glance of it and thought, hrpm so much for the promise Id made to my husband about fitting back into it one day... But today when I saw it back there behind the deflated yoga ball I said fuck it and put it on, no Spanx or anything— sure it wouldn't fit over my hips... but it did! GASP

Even though things may never look exactly the same, look at what (who) I've gained! My life is so full. I am so blessed to have my family, my career, my health… Being able to put this dress on again is less about pride over "losing the baby weight" (or getting my groove back, or whatever) and has everything to do with facing "the constant reminder" of who I was before kids and how far I've come.

I've GAINED two precious babies and a whole lot of confidence that comes with life experience since my wedding day. What a fun and unexpected reminder. Also, I think it's time to grow out my bangs. And put a bra on. 

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