Why I'm obsessed with (and afraid of) YouTube and Pinterest

Last week I shared, that for me, social media has (in part) become a means to grow my email list. Today, I want to let you in on which specific social platforms I believe will be most crucial for a new business like mine.


Drum roll, please...






Pinterest and YouTube.

Notice I didn’t link anything up there? That’s because I don’t have an active account on either platform, yet. No pin-boards, no videos. Zilch. Before I tell you why I haven’t created content there yet, I want to explain why I believe these are the two best places to focus your attention if you have a business similar to mine.

Like Google, Pinterest and YouTube are search engines. Users come to these sites often looking for something but not someone specific — “baby shower decor ideas,” “how to stain a deck.” With each search query, I have the opportunity to get my expertise in front of someone who didn’t know I existed. The better I get at converting strangers into viewers, the more the search algorithms favor me. Once they favor me, my content appears first for the people who have interest in the topics I’m creating content around.

What’s more — video content and highly visual content are also shortcuts to the “know, like, trust” factor. When introducing your work to a stranger, you have to spend a great deal of time making them feel like they truly know you before they become fans or share you with someone else. This is why you see so many gurus going “live” or posting lots of selfies. The more of their face we see, the more of their voice we hear, the more we subconsciously know, like, and trust them. Relying on written word (like this) takes more time to build that same level of rapport.

Finally, the audience I’m targeting (action-oriented females) spends A LOT of time on these platforms.

  • 81% of Pinterest Users are female

  • 38% of YouTube users are female (STILL, that’s a whopping 500M people)

OK, so, back to why haven’t I started building a cache of content there yet. To put it simply: it takes a LOT OF TIME. Creating rich multimedia content can take several days. Quality videos require lighting, audio, editing, and brushing my hair... Even if you’re not getting fancy with video (I won’t be), the learning curve and opportunity cost is quite high. For Pinterest, I’ll have to create custom graphics and branding elements to accompany my pins. Not terribly hard, but again, time-consuming.

Is it worth it though? Yes. Over the years, I’ve worked with clients who’ve seen as much as 4,000% growth once they developed systems to attract new viewers on platforms like YouTube and Pinterest. That’s too good to ignore.

So, will you see me creating videos and fancy Pins soon? You bet. Buckle up, dear readers. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of me soon.

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A long forgotten YouTube experiment. I hope to do better than this.

A long forgotten YouTube experiment. I hope to do better than this.