How to reach your goals faster: Stop, Start, Continue

Hey Gang!

Happy Labor Day. Hope you’re out living your best life, and appreciating the fruits of your labor. As for me, I’m freshly home from a whirlwind of travel—first to Oahu with a client and then to Lake Tahoe with my family. The latter is a time-honored tradition with friends that we look forward to each year. It’s such a treat to watch the kids roam wild in nature while the adults can kick back (a little!) with a darn-fine drink and no place to be. 

As much as I #wishIwasthere, I love hitting the road early to get a head start on the week ahead. So, here we are. 🤷 I’m going rogue on my editing process in favor or sharing some real-life-💩I need to tackle next. Y’all know I wear my entrepreneurial journey on my sleeve, so it’s just as well! Let’s hop to!


A few weeks ago I posted this to Instagram:

The seeds you’re planting today could be the shade you’re sitting in tomorrow.


The quote resonated with me as I need a little motivation some days to #keepgoing. It can be difficult to persevere when you don’t see an immediate return for your efforts.


Earlier this year, I planted HELLA SEEDS, which is to say, I said ‘yes’ to everything that came my way not knowing what would stick.

Yes to joining an advisory board.

Yes to 1:1 clients.

Yes to consulting on retainer.

Yes to speaking gigs.

Yes to writing a book.

Yes to teaching workshops.

Yes to recording podcasts.

Yes to mentorship.

Yes to more time with my kids.

Yes to health and wellness.

Yes to nurturing friendships.


Yes to sharing about all of the above on a daily (or twice) daily basis...


Months later, all of these little seeds I planted have begun to sprout, and some have turned into great big vines. Great, right?! But there’s a problem. I’ve taken on too much work stuff again and the personal stuff is suffering. I know it isn’t sustainable. I know I can’t do it all. I feel myself slipping into the same anxious tailspin I’ve alleged to have transcended…

I look at this list and it feels like the time-suck equivalent to hoarding. I want to keep it all! What if I throw the book out and it turns out to be **the one thing**?! 😫


It’s incredible how easy it is to edit someone else’s life, to spot exactly what needs pruning or even radioactive pesticides thrown on it, but it is impossible to do for yourself. So, I’m putting myself on blast and committing to editing a few things on my list. If you’re here for the ride along, I hope you’ll join me in a little activity.


In my corporate life, I routinely conducted a stop, start, continue exercise with my team to determine how to streamline our work and get to our goals faster. 


Here’s how it works:


Begin by listing one specific goal you’d like to achieve in the next six months.

Example: I want to land a sponsorship deal with Top Beauty Brand or I want to work four days instead of five.


Next, pull out a sheet of paper, a whiteboard, or that cocktail napkin (yeah, I see you) and start listing anything in your life that you need to stop doing right now to move towards that goal.

  • What are you doing that has nothing to do with your goals or is working against your goals?
  • How are you getting in your own way?
  • What is not serving your interests?
  • What negative things have you been tolerating (e.g. other people’s behaviors, your own behaviors, low standards) and how can you stop tolerating those things as you move forward?


Then, list anything you should put in place in order to improve your situation and achieve your


  • What new activities, attitudes, or behaviors can you initiative in order to move in the right direction?
  • What can you start doing right now that will make a difference?


Finally, give yourself some credit. Write down anything you may be doing that’s actually working!

  • Which activities are you doing consistently that are getting you closer to your goal?


You can repeat this process for additional goals and long-term goals as needed. If you’re finding that your STOP list is a mile long, and you’ve got nothing in your CONTINUE list, it might be worth re-evaluating the goal and asking yourself if it is something you truly want and reflect upon why your actions seem to tell another story.


I’m off to do this for myself now — wish me luck! Let me know if you take a stab; I’d love to know how it goes!


Until next time,


XOX Rachel