Stefani-Nicole Castro | She Ran: Stories From Women Who Found Their Own Way

Welcome to She Ran, a series of short interviews with inspirational business owners and artists. I believe in the power of example. If She can run with her dreams, so can you.

Meet Stefani, two time beauty biz owner, living and working in the East Bay.

As someone who's spent the last fifteen years trying desperately to un-do my regretful eyebrow overplucking, I feel the work Stefani is doing is nothing short of holy work! Not only do I love Stefani for helping people reframe their faces, but she's a fellow East Bay native, which you know I'm all about! — Rachel

What do you do, and how did you come to do it?
First and foremost, I am an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed jack of all trades working on my transition to becoming a master of it all. I own and operate three businesses. My very first venture into entrepreneurship, Metamorphosiz Beauty Lounge, provides a wide array of beauty services such as facials, lash extensions, permanent makeup, and beauty makeup. It also offers photography and videography services too. I’m also the owner of the Arched Brows Training Academy, an advanced education beauty school where I train industry professionals in various beauty courses. 


What's your mission? Why do you do what you do? 
When I was a kid, I knew that when I grew up my main objective was to be happy. I also knew that if I had to work (which grown-ups do have to do) then I wanted to truly enjoy what I was going to do. As I got older, I found that although I had picked a pretty cool career path with a super fun atmosphere, the thought of making someone else wealthy was not going to bring me any joy. Long story short, I knew I had to make my own path and ultimately, work towards building my own wealth.


Who inspires you? Or, Where did you get the idea you could work for yourself?
My father introduced the term entrepreneurship into my world at a very young age, although my personal inspiration to succeed comes from my incredible husband and my mother. My husband and mother are without a doubt my #1 biggest fans. I also have four children who serve as my personal cheerleaders!


What is the greatest part about building your own business that you want other women to know
#1 Fact: There’s something very liberating about owning your own business. It’s an indescribable feeling that comes over me from time to time, whether I'm sitting at my desk in my home office, at the Metamorphosiz Beauty Lounge, at the Arched Brows Training Academy, or just working in the field. It may be the fact that I chose to be where I am versus having to be there. Maybe it’s knowing that I am majorly content with the path I have chosen and although it might be overwhelming at times, the successes far outweigh the downfalls.

#2: There is a common misconception about being your own boss. Most people think that if you’re an entrepreneur then you are your own boss and you answer to nobody — WRONG. Fun fact, most of us need and have clients (translation: bosses) in order to operate. The luxury is that we have the option of choosing those "bosses”.


What are some of the hidden challenges of working for yourself that no one talks about?
It’s a sad fact that sometimes your friends and family may not support you until others celebrate you.  

What's your favorite social media platform and why?
Shout out to Instagram! Since I am such a visual person, I really appreciate the visual details that Instagram provides users. You can really tell a lot about a person or company by the content they post — or don't post.

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