Should I Start a Second Instagram Account?

Welp. I did it. I did the thing I said I wasn’t going to do.


I started a separate business Instagram account for CATCHFOOT+RUN. 


Please go follow our work @catchfootandrun!


Why I was hesitant:
Frankly, I manage so many accounts I feel like Instagram is my entire job sometimes! I wanted to keep things as simple as possible, for as long as possible.


Plus, there’s something to be said about leveraging your own brand and reputation when launching a new business— it’s more authentic and relatable. And shoot, no one wants to start from scratch.


Alas, here I am. Starting yet another account. Some of you may be quite glad about this, which brings me to why I finally bit the bullet:

  1. Business evolution. I love when business and personal brands are one in the same, but my business is evolving to include work that is not “just me.” As I free-up bandwidth for some meatier projects this summer, I’m outsourcing some of my coaching and content creation to other experts. Therefore, I now feel like I’m the founder/figurehead of a larger brand.
  2. The algorithm. The majority of my existing followers began following me pre-business. Because of this, my business-related posts aren’t as relevant or interesting to the people who genuinely just want to keep up with me. And engagement really matters. With business, it’s more important than your follower count, so that pesky algorithm is affected. Accounts with a higher % of engagement typically rank higher in feeds and have a better shot at becoming featured on the Explore tab (exposure is good for business growth).
  3. Separation of church and state. So much of my business is ME so it made sense to weave my transition from employee to entrepreneur into my content strategy for the sake of authenticity. But now that I’ve transitioned, the novelty is wearing off and I’m ready to get to my normal queue of over-saturated food pics and my cute kids (to see my terrible kids follow @mrsmelbs).


A lot of folks who leverage their personal brand to grow their business (or hobby!) agonize over whether they should start a new Instagram account. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, I’ve taken a stab at solving it for you with a handy-dandy flowchart. I built this based on years of working with YouTube creators and influencers who were also trying to figure out if they should spin-off into a new channel or not. Now that I've taken the time to do it for myself, I'd like to share it with you in hopes it may help you, too.

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GET THE FLOWCHART HERE — there's something I'll probably have to explain further and I look forward to your critique 🧐

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