5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand

When I changed jobs from Google to YouTube, my ‘accounts’ went from global corporate brands to internet celebrities, yet the channels available for brand building remained the same. I learned quickly that a person could have the same digital footprint and influence as a large company.

When building strategies to cultivate personalities from around the web, one thing jumped out at me: brands (companies and individual influencers) who are most successful are those who engage in a two-way relationship with their fans.

Companies can hire teams dedicated to community engagement and relationship building, but it’s much more difficult for an individual to achieve this on their own. Thankfully, 😉 this challenge is exactly what I coach influencers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs on every day of the week.

Today, I’m taking a quick break to round up a few tips to build a personal brand that can compete with any billion-dollar company around.

Have a strong point of view

Ever experience clicking with someone instantly over a hot button issue or cause? Being a vocal advocate or critic of something helps you stand-out and draw like-minded individuals close to you. So, if you feel strongly about something, don’t shy away from it. It could be your fast pass to an engaged audience. (Yes, you might repel a few potential followers— but they’re not your folks anyway.)

Publish content regularly

Thought leadership comes after being established as an authority. Nailing a video interview or publishing a well-written Medium post once isn’t going to do it on its own. You should produce a steady drumbeat of content and lean into the conversation in as many places as it exists. 

Curate and collaborate

Nobody likes a know-it-all, and nobody trusts a lone wolf. Acknowledge and support other voices in your space where possible. Curate their content by re-sharing on your channels or ask to collaborate with them on a new piece of content. This positions you as modest and respectful while also adding to your publishing schedule.

Create video

There is nothing (short of meeting you in person) that will connect someone to you more quickly than seeing you in action. Lean into YouTube, IGTV, and get comfortable with Instagram Stories. Creating video can be faster than writing a post, and if you’re using a casual format, they’re an excellent way to build rapport and engage with fans.

Live your brand on and offline

If you’re fortunate enough to meet your audience in person at a conference or meetup, remember— they feel like they know you! They may even have expectations of how you will be in real life based on your online persona. When developing content online, bear in mind things like lingo and catchphrases you use, and style choices made in photos of you that appear online. Sort of like with online dating, you don’t want people muttering about how you were nothing like your IG persona.

These are just 5 of the most common tips I use when working with individuals on their brand. There are plenty more, and I’d love to hear yours! Want me to audit your online brand? Drop me a line: rachel@catchfootandrun.com