Why to focus your business on women (and why mine does)


“Why don’t you want to help men?”

Honestly, they just don't need as much help right now.

Honestly, they just don't need as much help right now.


This is a question I’ve been asked a half dozen times over the past couple months and one that more of the world will be answering from here on out as women-centered movements and social clubs continue to rise. Earlier this month, The Wing, a women-only workspace and social club came under investigation by the Human Rights Commission for their “discriminatory” business model.




The question is valid and it deserves to be answered. I have nothing to hide with regard to my female-focused efforts, so below are my brief thoughts on the topic. But first, a confession: I’m working with men too.

That’s right. I am. But before you call me disingenuous or a bad marketer, let me tell you why: I love men and sometimes they need the help I can provide. Simple.


So, here’s the deal. There are two reasons I focus on women and this is true of many female-focused businesses. One is practical, and one may seem, as you feared, political:


  1. If you’re for everyone, you’re for no one. Defining a specific niche is good business. It helps you write more appealing marketing copy, it helps businesses like mine narrow focus, and create more meaningful, tailored offerings (like Mama Wellness Circles, holler!). As I wrote in my “Out There on Social Media” blog post a while back, it’s important to use detailed storytelling to attract and repel the right people. I’m a woman and my work will be most attractive and relatable to other women. Women share specific experiences and life stages that I can coach upon. It’s an area of differentiation from competitors and something I’m more expert on than half of the population.

  2. We’re in the middle of a women’s movement. Women have never been more empowered and embolden as they are right now. Through technology, women have more opportunity to generate income, to leave shitty situations, and to find a community of like-minded supporters than ever before. I’m here for that. There have been men-only clubs for centuries. From the Freemasons to whatever the hell they do at the Bohemian Grove… men have had places to tackle male-centered topics and enjoy male-centric experiences for a long time. Before now, if women gathered it was heresy! Men and orthodox women believed it was witchcraft, uprising, or worse, just a gathering for gossip. Female-centered communities that are productive and show another side to what we have to offer the world need to become normalized.


The question I’ve been asked is not far from asking, “don’t white lives matter, too?”

Of course, they do. But until the sex or race with more power has truly made equal space for all, we have to pay special attention to the minority. Women need extra light and love right now. Many of us are waking up to our power for the very first time and there is still a shortage of support. I’m preaching to the choir here, as I know most of my readers live in progressive parts of the world. I have clients in the Southern states, in other countries, and who are stuck in unequal partnerships where working women are frowned upon. Trust me when I say we need this.


Now, back to my confession. I have two male clients and I’m open to working with more! My hope is that female-only communities become inclusive to all genders and all identities. I understand the protective bubble for now, but we should all be striving for inclusivity as the end goal. That’s where my heart is. Where is yours?


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