If you think I'm lucky, read this


This week I had the absolute pleasure of working from Manzanillo, Colima — one of the busiest ports in Mexico. It was a slow, sun and taco-filled week. I slept in, worked for a couple hours each morning, took long walks in the sand, and swam solo in the Pacific. I’m even returning with one of those gross bubbly sunburns! The trip was last minute and lightly planned (I went with a friend who has a home there) and I opted for it because I could. That’s right, Mom. I now have a job that allows me to work from any place I choose.  I have a partner who supports my wanderlust and is capable of wrangling our kids on his own , and I have the petty cash to book flights with extraordinarily long layovers. 

To this, many well-meaning people have replied: you’re soo lucky!

While I love you all, your DMs are dead wrong. I want to make it very clear that the ability to pull this off has nothing to do with luck.

I wanted this life and I made it happen. Little by little. I've worked hard for other people since the age of 15 in order to gain the skills and reputation necessary to work for myself. I worked hard (and kissed a lot of frogs) to find the type of partner I wanted to spend my life with. And stop me if you've heard this one before  but I've drastically changed the way I spend money so that I can continue to afford little perks like this.

The only one standing in the way of what you want...is you.

There are plenty of other juicy life and career goals out there. What are yours? Go ahead, imagine that perfect version of your life. It may be easy to conjure but it may also be buried down someplace deep (which is okay). Can you come up with one or two tangible goals?

I want to be able to work from any place in the world when the opportunity strikes (mine).
...I want to retire a millionaire.
...I want to buy a Porsche.
...I want to adopt a child.
...I want to work out 3x a week.

If your goal feels a mile away, break it down into smaller goals.

A simple example:

Goal: I want to retire a millionaire.
Excuse: I can barely afford my life right now, how could I possibly save enough money to make a dent? 
Reframe: Today, I said 'no' to $15 avocado toast — I am making progress toward my goal. 

When you feel like you're making progress, no matter how small, you’ll feelgood. You’ll feel accomplished, so you will keep going.

Did you become a millionaire overnight? No. But if you’re not one by 65, you know you only have yourself to blame because you made a series of small choices each day up until then.

Is this rocket science? Not even a little bit. And I’m sure you’ve heard this same advice before, but that’s because it rings true. Your first step toward reaching your goals is to change one thing TODAY.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  Rumi

So, maybe reconsider what you call “luck.” Chances are those who have what you want worked hard to get it through a series of small and strategic changes. Hell, even Daft Punk ft. Pharrell didn’t just “get lucky” — dudes were up all nightfor that. 

What are you that dedicated to?

What are your excuses for not making progress on your goals? I kick my own ass every day and I’m happy to kick yours too. What’ve ya got?


Until Next Time,


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