Lindsey Hintereder | She Ran: Stories From Women Who Found Their Own Way

Welcome to She Ran, a series of short interviews with inspirational business owners and artists. I believe in the power of example. If She ran with her dreams, so can you.

Meet the Lindsey, award-winning wedding planner, savvy Sonoma County business owner, wife, and mama to the adorable Oliver Cruz.


Lindsey Hintereder, photo by Luke Snyder Studio  @ oohlalaweddings

Lindsey Hintereder, photo by Luke Snyder Studio

When I got engaged in 2011, I knew three things about the wedding I would have: I didn't want a sitting ceremony, I didn't want a bridal party, I would for-sure hire a professional to help pull it off. To address the later, I immediately thought of Lindsey, a high school friend who fewer than ten years from graduation was already an award winning wedding planner. Without hesitation, I hired Lindsey's company, Ooh La La to help coordinate my wedding, and it was easily the best money spent. — Rachel


What do you do, and how did you come to do it? Brief bio and summary of your business today.
I’m a wedding planner and designer, working with engaged couples to bring their event visions to life. After a college internship in 2008 led me to my first job in the wedding industry, I launched Ooh La La Weddings & Events in 2011 when the need for my position abruptly ended. I’m a self-proclaimed “accidental entrepreneur” as I didn’t set out to be a business owner. However, my passion for planning events paired with some entrepreneurial genes and right-thing right-time mentality has led me to business ownership and developing a team of like-minded, creative and enthusiastic women that I can both mentor and learn from. 


What's your mission? Why do you do what you do?
For some, planning a wedding is fun and exciting, for others, it’s stressful and time-consuming. Our mission is simple: make wedding planning easy, stress-free, and fun for everyone. Even for the bride that has been planning her wedding since she was 12, there are so many logistical components that she may not have ever thought about. We want to relieve her of that piece of the wedding puzzle so she can focus on the magic of being engaged and planning this once in a lifetime celebration. 

Beyond that, I’m personally on a mission to educate people on what it is we do and why all engaged couples should work with a wedding planner. I’m grateful that in this day and age, most people understand the value of hiring a professional planner, but I almost love the skeptics more. The ones who say “we don’t need a planner, but my venue requires it” or “I just need a ‘day of’ planner”, which we don’t offer and truly doesn’t exist. 9 times out of 10, those are the ones who when all is said and done say, “I couldn’t have done it without you” and that is true gratification. 


Who inspires you? Where did you get the idea you could work for yourself?
Since owning a business wasn’t in my career plan, I’ve definitely had to learn as I go. I’m lucky to have a supportive and business savvy husband who is my “silent partner” and my sounding board for every crazy idea and tough decision. I’m equally as lucky to work in an industry dominated by female entrepreneurs, many of whom I admire both personally and professionally. Our industry is one where the majority feels strongly about community over competition and most, myself included, are very open to sharing our business successes and failures. That mindset has inspired the way I run and operate my business. 


What is the greatest part about building your own business that you want other women to know?
Seeing your vision come to fruition and seeing yourself, your brand, and your business grow and evolve through the years comes with an overwhelming sense of pride. Expect that your goals and vision will change with time and know that it's okay to change your mind and revise your plan as you grow. It’s incredible to be the one in charge of your destiny in that way. Having recently become a mom, my business goals and priorities have definitely shifted and I’m proud to have built a business that can withstand some change and can continue to thrive as I take things on a new and exciting path. 


What are some of the hidden challenges of working for yourself that no one talks about?
It’s really hard to turn work off, especially if you work from home and there’s no clear separation. I’ve gotten better through the years at making myself take days off, but when you own your own business it sometimes feels like you’re constantly working and that can become mentally and physically exhausting. It’s also hard to find good people to respect and represent your brand the way you do. Once you find those people, nurture and care for them and they will do the same for your business. 


What's your favorite social media platform and why?
Instagram, hands down. Our industry is such a visual one and Instagram allows us to best showcase our work and reach our target audience. It’s also been a great way to network with industry peers and acts as a helpful tool when looking for inspiration.