Kelley Koski | She Ran: Stories From Women Who Found Their Own Way

Welcome to She Ran, a series of short interviews with inspirational business owners and artists. I believe in the power of example. If She can run with her dreams, so can you.


Say hello to the mystical Kelley Koski, spiritual life coach, modern mystic, and dancer.

@kelleyandthecosmos  Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Over the years, I’ve watched this vivacious beauty transform her life as a dancer and model, to a badass business babe and spiritual gangster. Kelley is full of energy, life, and positivity so I want to share her with you.

What do you do?
I am a Spiritual Life Coach and Professional Dancer/Entertainer. Being an entrepreneur was always inside of me. I launched my Spiritual Life Coaching business in 2017 and have created a unique set of offerings within my coaching practice:

  • “Exploring Your Inner Space” which focuses on your mind, thoughts, and habits.

  • “Discovering Outer Space” which uses the magic of astrology and card readings.

The more you know yourself through exploring your “Inner Space”, the more you’re aligned with flow and happiness! Isn’t that what we want in life?

How did you come to be a Spiritual Life Coach?
My journey began with dancing. It was all I knew how to do. I was told to follow my dreams and spent my childhood mesmerized by my passion of dancing. I moved to LA after high school and became a professional dancer.

After 12 years in the entertainment industry, a shift happened inside of me. I was becoming highly intuitive, I could meditate and go places, ask questions, and get answers. My grandmother was the one who introduced me to astrology and card readings as a child and as an adult, I fell back in love with its magic.

What’s your mission?
To help people unblock and unlock themselves to the happiness and magic that is around them by using ‘Outer Space’ to help explore and master their ‘Inner Space’.
Healing people brings me so much joy. I love to watch people grow, find happiness, see magic, and believe in themselves!

Who inspires you?
I’m most inspired by my friends. I’ve spent the last 15 years in LA only surrounded by creative individuals who went after their dreams. Like I said, working for myself is the only thing I’ve known since I moved back to LA when I was 18.

What has been the greatest part about building your own business that you want other women to know?
We are shifting into a huge movement in time that is about women speaking up and coming up in the world. In order for women to embrace their power, there is a lot of healing left to do. The more women understand themselves at a soulful level, the more powerful we will be. We need that energy in the world right now!

What are some of the hidden challenges of working for yourself that no one talks about?
It’s scary AF! I guess everyone talks about that, but to actually feel it, and experience it, is just indescribable. I definitely struggled with a schedule. The entertainment industry allows for spontaneous projects because you are purely building art. Once I created my business, I had to learn to structure my time, which has been challenging!

What's your favorite social media platform and why?
Instagram! The ability to connect to people through the art of images and words is so powerful. I’m learning to become authentically myself through my Stories to get my message out to the world.