My journey towards helping women began in a dressing room

When I was a 20 years old I worked part-time at an upscale clothing boutique in San Francisco's Marina shopping district while going to school. It was there I realized I had a gift for helping women define their personal style and feel confident in their skin.

Day after day, some of the city's wealthiest women would enter the shop not having a clue what they wanted to buy, or even what they liked. I would ask them a few questions about their jobs, their lifestyle, and whether they had any events coming up... yet each time, something remarkable happened.

They didn't want to talk about any of those things!

Instead, they began opening up about their struggles to get a promotion at work, or standing out at a social event to attract a suitor, or feeling like they had "lost their style" after becoming a mother. They weren't looking for a new outfit, they were looking for a way to stand out in order to get the life they wanted.

Once I realized what these women were truly looking for, my boring boutique job became a thrill. While pulling clothing for customers to try on, they would give me the latest update on their job or social life. It was beginning to feel like my advice was really working for them, and it was intoxicating.

One day, a favorite customer of mine, a new mom launching a jewelry line returned to the shop and told me something I'll never forget:

One day, you'll make a lot more than $10 an hour for your advice.

And she was right. But it didn't happen overnight.

After the boutique, I worked a lot of other odd jobs and eventually found my way to a great 9-5 office job where I thrived doing page layouts for a magazine. I had a knack for social media at that time and was able to parlay my career into social community building, which later led to my dream job as a brand strategist at Google.

The job was perfect for me because I was able to borrow from the insights I'd learned while working with women to define their personal brands and apply it to some of the world's top creators and advertisers. From YouTube superstars like Michelle Phan, to mega brands like Coca Cola, I became an expert at solving brand challenges in the digital marketplace. By the time I was 30 years old, I had a solid career in which I was developing content strategies and making brand recommendations for multi-million and billion dollar businesses.

The perks of a job like this were as you'd imagine: world travel, celebrity meetings, exclusive access to the world's most powerful CEO's... a dream job by many regards. Yet, over time I had the sinking feeling that something was missing. I had strayed too far from my true passion— helping women find the best version of themselves.

My passion in life is to help other women achieve their dreams. Whether your dream is to start your own business, land your dream job, get a promotion, or just get kissed— I have a knack for uncovering your hidden talents and most marketable qualities, and can help you get there, fast. I've done it for other women, I've done it for top brands, and I've done it for myself.

Life is too short to feel like you're this close to the life you deserve. If you're in a professional or personal slump, I'm here to dust you off and make you shine again. If you're trying to take your small business to the next level and need expert strategies to position yourself or your product as unique and premium, I am ready to help you make the leap. Let's chat.


Rachel Lightfoot is a Bay Area Brand Consultant and Millennial Life Coach
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