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Small Business: Are you ready to turn your business into an unforgettable brand?
If you’ve ever said, “I know I’m better than my competition, but can’t break-through…”
If you’re stuck trying to market yourself and wish your fans would just spread the word for you…THIS IS FOR YOU.

Entrepreneur/Activist: Do you keep hearing about the importance of a “social presence” but don’t know the first thing about hashtags or how they apply to you?
If you’ve ever said, I have a gift to give to the world and don’t know where to begin…
If you’ve ever felt paralyzed with indecision, imposter syndrome, or self doubt… THIS IS FOR YOU.

Teams: Does your team need to be re-energized?
If you’re worried the creatives on your team are bored-AF…
If your team would be more effective and fulfilled if they felt they were representing themselves (too)… THIS IS FOR YOU.

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Accepting a limited number of clients who qualify for 'sliding scale' payment options. Non-profit, community-based, marginalized entrepreneur (age, race, sexual orientation, gender, socio economic status)