About Rachel

Rachel Lightfoot is a San Francisco Bay Area brand consultant, and business coach. She boasts nearly 10 years of experience in technology and entertainment industries and has spent the majority of her career at Google and YouTube working with top advertisers, YouTube superstars, and talent spotting for the world's most beloved and influential personalities.

Today, she's using her expertise to super-serve entrepreneurs, local businesses, and badass mom bosses. She teaches workshops, coaches women 1:1, and gives motivational and educational keynotes around the world.

When she's not teaching other women to have it all she's chasing her two kids around her East Bay home, training to run (trot) local races, and practicing The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F---. Her personal branding elements include: bright colors, big teeth, and craft beer.



Rachel is a force. I’ve officially found a new guru. Her advice was actionable and not intimidating or overwhelming. I found her to be truly inspirational and I’m looking forward to getting on her calendar for another priceless sesh!
— Susan J., career changer

about catchfoot + run

CATCHFOOT + RUN began simply: with the desire to pivot from making big brands BIGGER to helping small and medium businesses who really needed it survive in a crowded marketplace.

When she began moonlighting as a brand consultant in 2017, Rachel was teaching tech startups and female execs how to brand themselves based on what she'd taught clients at Google and YouTube. Surely, she thought, If Coca Cola could stand to improve their digital brand, then heck— so could everyone!

After almost a year of working with brilliant clients on her own, Rachel found there were often roadblocks between clients' goals and true success, and those blocks often had nothing to do with business. Now, she works closely with other lifestyle and wellness coaches to bring personal and professional fitness to her clients.

There are now four easy ways we can work together on your transformation. Read about our signature offerings here.

What's behind the name? Read all about it (and our philosophy) here.

CATCHFOOT + RUN made a huge difference in the brand and story for our retail store, Dos Damas. After only one meeting, we had a complete social media strategy and easy action steps to gain engagement. We followed the plan and have already increased our followers on Instagram by 180% in less than one week! We would not be experiencing such growth if it wasn’t for Rachel and CATCHFOOT + RUN
— Julie C, brick and mortar business owner



No, it's not Ryan Gosling. It's me, Rachel, and I have some other eye-popping news for you. This is the year you're going to change your life. Are you ready?

Are you:
— finally ready to start that side-hustle or maybe take it on full-time?
—working up the nerve to ask for a promotion or raise you KNOW you deserve?
— constantly comparing your business to the competition and feeling like you'll never "break through"?
— ready to get your groove back after a major change (baby, break-up, or move)?

When I was just brand consulting, I was floored by how often these topics came up with my professional business clients. I thought, dang. We all have the same insecurities, flaws, and desires no matter how "successful" we are. It was then I realized I could help my clients through some of the more macro challenges saturating the space between their personal and professional lives. Today, I work with women of all walks to achieve their goals in business and in life. Seriously, get in touch.




certified in primal branding

"Brands are belief systems. Once you create a belief system, you attract others who share your beliefs, online and on the ground. We are connected not only by digital technologies but by the emotional touch-points that bring us together as human beings." — Patrick Hanlon, CEO, Thinktopia

Rachel is proudly certified in Primal Branding and has been a practitioner of The Primal Code for more than 5 years. Author of Primal Branding and CEO of Thinktopia remarks: 


"That Rachel is brilliant in Brand and Brand strategy goes without saying. The fact that Rachel is an incredibly warm, intelligent and savvy on-camera personality is obvious. Better, Rachel is a delightful human being who is able to organize, operationalize and connect community at the bottom of the funnel. Which is what separates the haves from the have nots. Rachel clearly has it. I look forward to working with her again and again".
— Patrick Hanlon, CEO Thinktopia

After working with Rachel, I felt so much more confident in my brand. I quit looking around at what every one else was doing and embraced what made me unique. In three months, I’ve gained more followers and made more sales than in the past entire year.
— Laurel M, online business owner
Rachel is a superwoman. I had a vision that I had been wanting to bring to life for almost a year but never had the courage or belief that I could really do it. She empowered me on a deep level and gave me the skills and tools to make it happen. Her business coaching was brilliant and key for my launch and I honestly could not have done this without her. She gave me the kick in the butt I needed. And now it is happening, thank you Rachel!
— Charlotte V, Teen Wellness Coach + Business Owner
Energized. Motivated. Inspired. Just a few words to describe how I left my very first meeting with Rachel. There was an ease to our conversation, and the advice and actionable suggestions resonated with me in a way that I haven’t found in any other situation. (And I’m the type of person who seriously dislikes asking for or ever admitting I might need help.) From a naysayer to an evangelist, I feel compelled to spread the word.
— Ray C., Entrepreneur and Politician
I’ve been in business for years and could never justify spending money on a coach. I was a skeptic and thought there was nothing I didn’t already know. Now I’m writing you to say how wrong I was (but you knew that!). Thank you, Rachel!!
— Jordan P, Entrepreneur